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Hi Guys,

Now, it’s time for your New Year Present. The present is Movie Box.Movie Box


What is Movie Box?

As the name suggests, it is a forever growing and continuously updated collection of Movies and TV shows. One can stream or download major movies and TV shows for free with this app. Multiple options are available for video quality to provide an optimal streaming experience. It’s like the Netflix but free.

Who’s the Developer behind this?

You can follow Movie Box’s developer on Twitter. You can also follow TechGlobule on Twitter.

How to get Movie Box?

Method 1 (Requires Jailbreak) –

  • Add repo http://repo.biteyourapple.net to Cydia and install Movie Box from Cydia

Method 2 (Requires Alternate App Store) – (Recommended method)

Method 3 (No Requirement) –

  • Go to iOSEmulatorSpot.com/Movie-Box in Safari Browser. You will see a white Install button.
  • Tap on Install button. A new site will open in a new tab, namely, store.goldencydia.org with another Green Download button.
  • Tap on Download button. A lot of new tabs will open and you will be directed and redirected to different sites. Don’t worry.
    • If you see “Open this page in “App Store”?”, Tap on Open, and then go back to Safari, to get another dialogue box, if it doesn’t presents itself, start from first step.
    • If you see “*** would like to install “MovieBox ***”, Tap on Install.
  • If you encounter “Unable to Download App” Error, go to Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically > Off. And set the date of a year or so ago. Then, tap on the app to try again. Once the app is installed, correct the time of the device.

After installation –

Go to Settings > General > Profiles > ‘something’ Group Co. > Trust. Then run the app and enjoy.

How does it work?

It is a basically a torrent client, which is designed to look like a media player, and can stream torrents without necessarily downloading them.

How to use it?

  • Search for movie or TV show.
  • Select season.
  • Select episode.
  • Select quality, subtitles, and server (optional).
  • Select Watch button.

Will it work offline?

Yes, one can download the videos on device and save them offline to be watched later.

Will it support my Device?

It has worked fine on almost every device I tried it on from iOS 7 to iOS 10.

iPad 2

That’s all folks.

Note – TechGlobule doesn’t endorses Piracy, we are just being the messengers with information about these apps or services.
Image Source – Swapnil’s mum’s iPhone 4S (Unjailbroken iOS 9.3.5) and Swapnil’s iPhone 5 (Jailbroken iOS 9.1.2)
Author – Swapnil Jha.

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