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Hi Guys,

If you want to  help us, you can freely contribute your work, research, posts, or anything which you think is useful or and must reach a larger section of public.
The only condition is that it should be directly or at least indirectly related to technology.
Your name will be made public or you can remain anonymous as per your wish.
You can contribute to us at techglobule4(at)gmail(dot)com.

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If you guys want to help us or want us to improve our quality, quantity and accuracy of posts, or simply want us to make our site a little bit faster by helping us buy additional servers to host our site on, please help us by making some donations to our site. Remember no help is small. To donate, you can contact us at techglobule4(at)gmail(dot)com. We also accept Amazon vouchers at swapniljha001(at)gmail(dot)com.

Amazon Vouchers

In case you can’t donate direct money, we can also be helped through Amazon Vouchers.

Use the below link to make an Amazon account. When you will make a purchase of 300 rupee or more, we at TechGlobule will also receive a share from your transaction. But the real surprise is that, you’ll also receive a 100 rupee voucher. Enjoy!!

Here’s the link –

Flipkart Vouchers

Use the below link to make an Flipkart account on the Flipkart mobile app. Download the Flipkart app from these links for Android App, Windows Phone App, and iOS App. When you will make any purchase, we at TechGlobule will receive 25 rupee voucher from Flipkart. But the real surprise is that, you’ll also receive a 25 rupee voucher.

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