Choosing The Best Weed Killer for your Flower Garden

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If you have decided to do some gardening this year, you will come across some plants sprouting amongst your flowers. Sooner the weeds will catch up with your flowers and start competing for space. These intruders or unwanted plants are called weeds and can make you spend hours of your gardening time trying to remove them. Weeds grow immediately after cultivating and watering your garden as the seeds that were lying idle find a conducive environment to germinate.

Gardening is fun, it keeps you active physically and mentally for better health. But too much weeding can wear you down to the point of giving up. However, when armed with a better understanding of weeds can help you come up with a strategy to eliminate the menace. This includes being able to identify the most effective weed killer in the market. Herein we take you through a weed killer buyer’s guide to assist you in determining the right product for your flower garden that is safe to your health, environment and lovely flowers.

Know the type of Weed

Different types of weeds may attack your garden and behave and spread differently. Depending on which type you are dealing with, you will require to purchase a specific weed killer that can respond to the weed. For instance, some weeds are deep-rooted and may go dormant during winter and come out strongly in spring spreading seeds all over within a short time. Such a weed may not be eradicated by a weed killer that only dries the stem and leaves without affecting the underlying roots. Also, some weeds are annual and grow once then die within the year. Other weeds are perennial, recur every year and hence very difficult to control with some short effect weed killers.

Composition of the weed killer

The other important thing to consider when buying a weed killer is the ingredients contained therein. As much as you want your flowers to look great devoid of weeds, some chemicals may be harmful to your body and the environment. If you have any allergic conditions, review the manufacturer’s instructions carefully on safety precautions. You may also in the future decide to change your flowers but may not reverse the negative effects of some chemicals. Some weed killers have long term effects and will affect some types of plants you may choose to grow in the future. If possible, go for weed killers that are made of organic compounds such as vinegar. This guarantees the growth of your flowers without damaging your health and will not affect the growth of other types of flowers thereafter.

Effectiveness of the product

Knowing how effective a weed killer is, can help you choose the type that will serve your needs on time. Although the outcome of using a weed killer may be affected by how you apply it and the type of weed under control, different types exhibit results at different times. Therefore, if you want to see immediate results then, you have to select a weed killer that according to the manufacturer, will deliver the expected outcome. Additionally, the effectiveness should be in the sense that it will not only attack but will disrupt the life of the weed being targeted. Therefore, it is necessary to spend some time to read through the user instructions, cautions, and warnings.

Residual effect

The other thing to consider in determining the best herbicide is the residual effect of the length of time it will remain active in your garden before reapplying. Some herbicides are short term and will stop being effective within a week. Any further growth of weeds will call for reapplication. Some flowers are affected by herbicides the same way as weeds and require the garden to be sprayed before planting the flowers. Hence, such a garden will require a weed killer with a longer residual effect. Its also recommended purchasing a weed killer that can sustain a weed-free garden for at least three months after application. However, avoid hazardous weed killers that are harmful to the environment and your health no matter how effective they are.


Depending on the concentration, some weed killers are required in smaller quantities. They are a bit costly than those with lower concentrations. They will also cover a greater area because they need to be mixed with water first before use. However, for a smaller area, you may buy a less concentrated herbicide that is ready to use and will be cheaper and sufficient.

Previous user reviews

A tried and tested product is better to buy than one without a user history and comments. Any gardener who purchases a successful weed killer will most likely leave a review online praising the same. Similarly, a weed killer with a poor rating and negative reviews is a product to keep off. Hence, it’s advisable to search the product online and read widely the comments given by previous users and the reply from the distributor or manufacturer. Likewise, you will find yourself leaving an honest review after using the product, meaning you can’t ignore what others say.

In summary

After reading this article, you are now familiar with not only what the best weed killers are all about but can select one from the shelves. Get rid of pesky weeds in your garden and enjoy flower gardening as a hobby in a healthy way. Finding the best weed killer will not be hard after knowing what to look for in one. You also need to spend some time checking on the effectiveness of a product, inspecting and assessing the strength of the ingredients used. Be on the safer side and pick a weed killer that is effective on grassy weed species to limit the chances of a weed come back. Also pay attention to the long term effect on your garden, the environment and more so yourself.

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Author – Isabella Bonita <bonita(at)kidstyping.org>
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