Xposed Framework- Android Tweaks

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Today we are gonna discuss about the Xposed Framework which is often lauded as the Play Store of Rooted Android.

Xposed framework gives a rooted user the possibility to modify his/her Stock ROM (that is pre-installed ROM); without modifying any Application Package file (aka APK file or your Android apps) or installing any custom ROM.

Advantages of Xposed Framework –

  • No need to change any APK file that are Android apps. This means :
    • No need to decompile, do coding, compile, etc.
    • Modules (aka Mods) or tweaks are specific pre-coded changes which overwrite the coding of the existing ROM (aka OS). Your mods are not bound to a specific version of the ROM. Unless there is a major change in the methods called for a certain functionality, your mod will continue to work even when you upgrade your ROM. Many modules work for a lot of ROMs from different vendors.
    • Multiple mods can be installed at the same time, even if they change the same app or functionality. So you can use these battery icons and those quick toggles. Even hooking the same method twice is possible. Of course, this only works properly if the mods are not trying to do incompatible things.
  • It does its magic at runtime. That means that developers can add settings and do changes based on them (instead of forcing the mod to  behave in a certain behavior).
  • It can be disabled easily via Settings.
  • It’s open source and any one can develop free Modules or tweaks etc.

Where to download?

You can download the installer of Xposed Framework from the following link of XDA Developers xposed.info/latest.apk.

How to use?

How to install?

i) After downloading the app, open > settings > security > check unknown sources. Then install the app in your phone.
ii) Open the app, go to the “Framework” section  (dismiss the warning) and click on “Install/Update”.
iii) Reboot your device, if it doesn’t reboots automatically after the process.
iv) Done.
v) You can verify this by starting the Xposed Installer again and making sure that the numbers in the “Framework” section are green.

How to  install Modules or Tweaks for your device?

  1. Download any *.apk file (e.g. via the built-in repository browser) and install it.
  2. Launch the Xposed Installer and go to the “Modules” section (you will also get there if you click on the notification warning you that the module is not enabled yet)
  3. Enable the module by checking the check box.
  4. Reboot your device.
  5. Done!
  6. {Optional Step} You can also install the framework and enable/disable multiple modules at once and reboot afterwards.

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Screenshots Gallery


That’s all folks.

Image source – rootzwiki.com (Featured image) and Abdul Rehman’s Samsung Note 2 (Screenshots)
Author – Abdul Rehman
Co – Author – Swapnil Jha