Benchmark your device with AnTuTu Benchmark

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Today we are gonna discuss about a common Benchmarking tool which is widely used to benchmark phones and devices based on the ARM architecture, known as the Antutu Benchmark.

What is Benchmark?

With such rapid development in world of mobile devices, it is getting complicated for users to choose a dream device of theirs. Here comes, a Benchmarking app in vision, it will help a user to benchmark his or her device and get a specific score which one can use to compare his device to a variety of different devices in spite of many differences in both the devices, like different software, hardware, operating device etc.

Why is Antutu Benchmark better?

Antutu 5

Antutu 5

The benchmark applications Antutu Benchmark gives a device a very precise and accurate score on the basis of its performance in  a variety of tests. It gives it score in every test. And adds the sum total of all tests to give the device its final score.
Unlike other benchmarks, it provides the user to choice to customize the number of test to run.
Did we mentioned, it’s free to use…

It tests the device by testing the following –

UX (Multitask, Runtime)

UX means the test of User Experience of the Device.


CPU means the tests of Central Processing Unit of the device.


GPU means the test of Graphics Processing Unit of the device. The graphics like screen resolution and gaming graphics (both 2D and 3D Graphics) are tested.


RAM means the test of Random Access Memory of the device. This memory is allocated to different applications to run in realtime.

IO (Storage I/O, Database I/O)

IO means the tests of Input and Output of the device. This test the storage speeds and database accessing speeds of the device. In simple words, it is the data transfer speeds of the device.

How to get it?

Antutu Benchmark is easily available for a wide range of devices. It can be downloaded for any Android device (Play Store), iOS Device (App Store), as well as Windows Phone (Windows Store). It is free to download on all the listed devices.

How to use?

Antutu Test

Antutu Test

You can download for your device from the above download links.

Install Antutu Benchmark on your device.

Launch the app.

It will probably show a Test Button.
And a lot of tests to choose from. You should choose all for a better overall result.

Wait a for a few minutes.

After a process is complete, you will see the final score of your device.

User’s verdict

Over 50 million (that is 50,000,000) downloads of Antutu Benchmark have been done from the Google Play Store only.

That’s all folk’s

Image source – smartphones.sfr.fr (Featured image) and Swapnil’s iPhone 4S iOS 8.1.2 (for screenshots).
Author – Abdul Rehman
Co – Author – Swapnil Jha


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