Activator Tweak: The best Cydia Tweak

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Today, we are gonna learn about a famous Cydia Tweak, known as Activator.
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What is Activator?

Activator is a tweak designed to improve the customizability of shortcuts in the native iOS system as well as to third-party apps.
It is a dependency of many other major tweaks. It is the backbone of a Jailbroken iDevice. Well, not really, your iDevice can work well without it, but with it, it will work awesome.

What can it do?

Activator Tweak

Activator Tweak

Activator as said in its description on Cydia –
“Centralized gestures, button and shortcut management for iOS.”

Various jailbreak tweaks like LastApp and SBSettings use Activator as their method of activation.


There is plenty of customized actions you can do with Activator on your own to make your life easier. You can use it to quickly launch apps, and perform other system actions. It can be a great way to save time.


Activator can do any “task” when an “action” is triggered (Don’t worry, you are the one here specifying the task as well as the action). The options are Anywhere, At Home Screen, In Application, and At Lock Screen. Each one of these has the same massive list of activations, but they will only trigger if you are in the right part of your phone.


Personally, I always mostly use Anywhere, as I want to use most actions no matter what, but there are times where setting actions only at certain locations can be helpful.


It would fill a whole forum to list the available actions and combinations of actions (Cool!), but I will tell those which I use in my iPhone –
Turning on WiFi whenever I unlock my device, and it off on locking it, (it help saves me battery), I use the same for Location Services too, (yes I can assign multiple tasks to the same action).
I envied the back button of my Android using friends but that was before I jailbreaked my iPhone, I use LastApp, whenever I swipe the right part of the Status Bar, I get back to the last app being used.

It also integrates with tons of other jailbreak tweaks and apps, so many of their actions can be set to custom triggers. Triggers can also be assigned to controlling your music, locking and unlocking your device, launching certain functions on the phone like calling or messaging a specific person, opening different parts of settings, composing messages, posting status, performing system functions such as rebooting and going into safe mode, launching selected apps, and toggling quick settings like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, etc. etc. I’ll be tired if I try to explain its limitless functionality in brief. So as you can see, it can really help automate all kinds of things on your iDevice.

Who is the developer?

Activator tweak was developed by Ryan Petrich. He is one of the well-known Jailbreak Developers and iOS Hacker. This tweak along with other great tweaks are also available on his own Repo http://rpetri.ch/repo/

Will it support my device?

It will most probably work with all iDevices running any iOS. But developers say it supports iOS 5 and above.

How to get it?

It is readily available for free on the BigBoss Repo as well as Ryan’s own Beta Repo in Cydia. Simply search for Activator in the Search section, and install it. If you are unsure how to install, see our post or YouTube video to get assistance regarding installations in Cydia. BigBoss Repo – http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/

Screenshots Gallery

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Image source – carloborja.com (Featured image) and Swapnil’s iPhone 4S iOS 8.1.2 for screenshots.
Author – Swapnil Jha

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