Top 50 Tools for Website Localization (Complete)

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What is Website Localization?

Website localization is a fancy way of referring to the process of adapting a particular website to a local language to serve the demographic people of a particular country or place better.

Why do I need it? How is it different from simple translation?

It’s a bit different from simple translation, as it adapts to the language while maintaining the cultural context of the content. In other words, my lame jokes will be properly translated or replaced with equally lame jokes from a different language. Thus, maintaining the Law of Conservation of Lameness.

We at TechGlobule, just use a Google Translate Widget for this, which more often than not, has erroneous translations.

Best 50 Website Localization Tools

This list has been carefully researched and curated so that you won’t have to. We will cover all the top 50 tools and some more in the following different types of tools.

So, if you need website localization for your next project? Or if you are looking to reach a wider audience base with the help of a multilingual website? See the following list of the best translation company¸ proofreading service and so many more!

Types of Services used for Website Localization

There might be a lot more services or tools which can be used for this purpose, but the most used ones are all listed below –

The best way is to localize your website is to use different types of services and/or tools to make sure your website provides the finest content with all the facts and comments even in a different language.

1. Translation Services

These translation services streamline, manage and create the best website translations for individuals and businesses. Check them out.

Read more about Translation Services.
  • Best Translation Services: It is a leading and go-to best translation company that has been around servicing websites looking to reach more audience in the world with website localization.
  • One Planet: They have been around for 30 years helping clients get their multilingual websites on the web. It is a trusted company in the business with a proven record of accomplishment.
  • In What Language: They help clients break language barriers with website localization services, providing global solutions and translation services.
  • ALCONOST: The service provides translation in multiple languages. They are dependable professionals for global solutions.
  • Dynamic Language: They help clients go international with localization services, having native speaker translators to help you in the job.
  • TechGlobule: If you feel that, you don’t need translations in all the languages in the world, and only a couple of foreign languages, you can try freelancing the job to TechGlobule.com, and get the quality results for a cheaper price, relative to other experienced translation services. Check us out at TechGlobule.com/contact-us.

2. Proofreading Services

The following tools ensure that your website comes out error-free in grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Read more about Proof Reading Services.
Man with magnifying Glass

Proof Reading

  • Online Proof Reading Services: Just like best translation service, this company is one of the leading in online proofreading for localization of websites. Professionals and business owners seek their help for professional proofreading.
  • Proof-Reading: They have professional editors for website localization and let clients choose between American and British English language.
  • SCRIBENDI: Get help for the best impression with proofreading services from this website with professional proofreaders and editors to serve you.
  • Proof Reading Services: Their team had served more than 5K clients for proofreading and editing. For quality help, you may want to choose this website.
  • The Proof Readers: They have American proofreaders to help you with website localization. Reach more customers with their quality service.
  • TechGlobule: If you feel that, proof-reading is too expensive for you, as a new website owner, and you can’t afford or invest that much money to hone your skills, you can try freelancing the job to TechGlobule.com, and get the quality results for a cheaper price, relative to other experienced proofreading services. You can check our websites, to judge our level of proofreading. We will proofread the first page for free.** Check us out at TechGlobule.com/contact-us.

3. Paraphrasing Services

Do you need paraphrasing services? The list below is the best way to get started.



  •   Paraphraseservices.com: Get help from them for paraphrasing website content. Check them out for professional and high-quality results.
  •   VAPPINGO: They offer affordable but high-quality paraphrasing services. Get help for online rewriting from their team now.
  •   Fast Paper Editing: Get the writing perfect with quality help from top editors for paraphrasing jobs.
  •   Paraphrasing Matters: Seek help from them and get high-class, affordable rewriting services from human paraphrasers.
  •  Affordable Custom Writing: They offer all types of writing services, including rewriting.  Check them out and see how their professionals can help today!

4. Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools

Check out these CAT tools and get help for a better translation of your website in no time with better efficiency.

  •   OmegaT: You might need this CAT tool in your website localization project The tool is used by professional translators.
  •   OmegaT+: This tool is for localization engineers and translators looking for dependable CAT software.
  •   OpenTM2: It is an open-source tool for handling and managing global translation projects.   The tool can support different languages for quality results.
  •   Anaphraseus: This tool is for managing, creating and making use of bilingual translation memories.  It features text segmentation and terminology recognition, too.
  •   MIRONTO: The tool is used effectively for translating subtitles from a language to another.

4.1 Terminology Management Tools

They give you and your team a GUI in creating terminology resources in order to ensure translation consistency across the site. They are used by TMS and CAT tools and platforms for helping translators in their jobs.

Machine Testing

Terminology Management Tools

  •   Base Term: All that users have to do is to enter a term in the search box, choose a field or subject and then select a language before starting the search.  Check it out and make translation more consistent.
  •   GITHUB: It is an online TMT that also works as a discussion tool, trying to lower the entry barrier. The tool also lets teams work for quality translations.
  •   SDL: In every language, get your website ready with this tool to ensure content and brand are delivering a consistent experience for your clients and customers.
  •   TERMCOORD: It is one of the best TMT for glossaries, ensuring your website is delivering a consistent customer experience. The tool is available on multiple platforms.
  •  Andovar: The tool can ensure that the correct words or terms are used in all the materials you’re using for website localization. It will help you deliver a great customer experience in no time.

5. Translation Management Systems (TMS)

These are web-based platforms, letting teams manage their localization project.   They also help the best translator and reviewers make the most of the project by automating some manual aspects of the localization by including a version control system.

  •   Pontoon: It lets users localize the website content, with spatial limitation and context.
  •   Pootle: This is another TMS tool to depend on by your team when it comes to website localization.  It is downloadable and ready for use, and it supports a wide range of file formats.  The tool also focuses on the best quality of localization through detecting human translator errors.
  •   Weblate:  It is a free tool to use for the translation management system and is used by professional translators, too.  Check out their site and learn more about how it works today!
  •   Translate5: The website offers a cloud-based open-source translation system. It is a growing community, helping both small and medium-sized organizations and companies.
  •  Global Sight: The tool is another open-source TMS for streamlining, automating and managing website translations. Head to its site and see how it works today!

6. Quality Assurance Tools

Are you looking for quality translation results and website localization?  Check out some tools that help you do just that.

  •   XBENCH:  It is one of the best tools for ensuring quality and correct terminologies.  Check it out and see how it can help you with website translation.
  •   Verifika: This is a QA tool that lets the professionals deliver accurate and high-quality translations even with close deadlines. You can also edit your text directly in it, so no problem for you.
  •   QA Distiller:   It can help ensure that your website content localization is of high quality to deliver your brand consistently.  It can help users do automatic error detection in no time.
  •   Error Spy:  Check local website quality with the software-based QA checker and generate a report in real-time.
  •   Auto Update: The software can provide either pre-processing or post-processing work for the to-be and the translated documents. Check it out and see how it can help today!

7. Bug Tracking Platforms

These tools are for testers who want to report and check for errors and bugs in the translation process. Check out some of the best bug tracking platforms on the web.

  •   ATLASSIAN: It is one of the best tools used by strong localization teams. Check it out and see how can help with user issues, stories, and so many more.
  •   Redmine: It is another web application often useful for project management and is written in the Ruby on Rails framework.  The tool is cross-database and cross-platform.  Some features include feeds, email notifications, and time tracking.
  •   MantisBT: The tool makes team and client collaboration fast, easy and professional. Visit its site and see how it can help with your project.
  •   Bugzilla: This is a tool for bug tracking, helping developers look for bugs, defects and errors. A few features include patch management, bug lists and bug detection.
  •   Jet Brains:   This tool has many useful features, such as issues tracker meant for development teams. It also has the smart search function to help you look for anything in no time with smart queries.

8. Best Plagiarism Checkers

To ensure that your website content is original once translated, you may want to make use of the best plagiarism checkers to ensure the uniqueness of your content. Check out the following for a start.


Plagiarism Detection

  •   CopyChecker.org:  Just enter text on the box provided, and check for the originality of content. Get results within seconds, depending on the length of your content.
  •   Copy Check CC:  It is another dependable tool for helping you verify the uniqueness of your website content.  It requires no downloads and gives quick results.
  •   Grammarly: Check out this tool and see how it can help you ensure the originality of your content before publishing online.
  •   Small SEO Tools: It is one of the most used tools for checking plagiarism. Use it and verify content originality.
  •   Quetext: Ensure website originality and prevent any plagiarism issues.

There you have a list of the best translation service with the best translator and other tools to help make your website localization successful.

Refer to this list for the best tools and best translation company today!

If you want us to cover some more tools or some other topic, feel free to comment below.

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