Top 5 Proof Reading Services for Website Localization (Part 2)

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This article is the second article in the series of articles about Website Localization. This is an important yet ignored topic which most website admins don’t learn about.

What is Website Localization?

Website localization is a fancy way of referring to the process of adapting a particular website to a local language to serve the demographic people of a particular country or place better.

I explained Website Localization in a lot more detail in an article of its own. Read more about Website Localization.

What is Proof Reading?

Proof Reading is simply referred to as the process of reading a certain piece of text and correcting or editing any mistakes if found in the text.

Why use Proof Reading Services?

Proof Reading services can be required or used by a lot of different type of people, for example –

  1. The big website owners, which publish new articles every few hours, they can’t afford to make typo mistakes, as it will ruin their reputation as content creators. This is more common for news articles.
  2. A new website creator, sometimes, a newbie person, isn’t aware of mistakes he is making, for e.g. usage of active voice or passive voice or other such grammatical errors. They should use such services to get an idea of what mistakes, they make so as to improve their writing.
  3. Lazy people, like me, who don’t like reading the things they write, also use these services very often. 😀
  4. Writers, people who write on other platforms than a website can also make use of these services to improve their writing.
  5. Social Media Managers, people who can influence a very large number of people must make sure that their messages and tweets are being misconstrued.

Top 5+ ProofReading Services

Here’s a list of carefully curated Proof Reading services from across the internet, to help you choose the one you wanna go with. These tools will make sure that your website is error free in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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Proof Reading

  • Online Proof Reading Services

Just like best translation service, this company is one of the leading in online proofreading for localization of websites. Professionals and business owners seek their help for professional proofreading. Check them out at OnlineProofReadingServices.

  • Proof-Reading

They have professional editors for website localization and let clients choose between American and British English language. Check them out at Proof-Reading.


If you have already edited your draft once and seek some professional opinion, you can get that opinion from professional proofreaders and editors on SCRIBENDI. Check them out at SCRIBENDI.

  • Proof Reading Services

The proofreading Services’ team had served over 5,000 clients for proofreading and editing. You can try them out, for quality service. Check them out at ProofReadingServices.

  • The ProofReaders

    ProofReading Checklist

    Proofreading Checklist

They have American Proofreaders and help their clients with website localization. Check them out at theProofReaders.

  • TechGlobule

If you feel that, proof-reading is too expensive for you, as a new website owner, and you can’t afford or invest that much money to hone your skills, you can try freelancing the job to TechGlobule.com, and get the quality results for a cheaper price, relative to other experienced proofreading services. You can check our websites, to judge our level of proofreading. We will proofread the first page for free.** Check us out at TechGlobule.com/contact-us.

If you want us to cover some more tools or some other topic, feel free to comment below.

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The ** First page will be proofread for free, provided that at least 2 pages are being proofread.

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