Get paid apps for free in iOS9 without Jailbreak via Tongbu

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Today, we are gonna learn how to get paid apps for free in an iOS device without jailbreak or use of PC, this famous or I may say infamous app is called Tongbu.

Why a post on Downloading Paid Apps for free?

TechGlobule by no means is supporting or will ever support Piracy. We are with all our might against Piracy.

And the only reason we are showcasing Tongbu, because it is a way to users who are willing to pay for an app or game, but want to try it first before paying their hard-earned money. Many of the times if not all, after buying an app, it seems unworthy of the money spent.

Want some more apps for free. Try Kuaiyong instead.

Who is the developer?

Tongbu, which means “sync” in Chinese, was a forum for cracked apps that has spawned its own tool for downloading pirated apps called Sync, i.e. Tongbu. It’s been made by the Chinese, and we should thank them for this app.

How does the app works?

Tongbu acts as an alternative App Store, featuring almost all the apps on the original App Store.

The only difference is that all the apps are free on Tongbu.

Will it support my device?

Yes, the app supports all iPhones and iPads, whether jail-broken or not. I have not tested it on an iPod, but I have a hunch it might work on it as well. It worked fine on iOS 7.x.x. and iOS 9.x.x. You will have to test yourself if you are using any other iOS version. Don’t worry, even if the test fails, the worst thing that can happen is that you will not be able to open the Tongbu app after installing it, in such a case you can simply delete it. I personally tested it on an iPhone 4 (iOS 7.1.2) and iPad 2 (iOS 8.1.3, now iOS 9.0) and iPhone 5 (iOS 9.0).

How to get it?

i) Open Safari in the iOS device. This only works on Safari.

ii) Open Tongbu. This link will redirect you appropriately according to your device and iOS version.

iii) You will land a site in Chinese language. It will have 2 buttons, one with an Apple Logo (that’s for non – jailbroken devices), and one with a PineApple Logo (that’s for jailbroken devices).

iv) Tap on the button according to your device > Install. In case you don’t know if your device is jailbroken or not, you can simply tap the Apple Logo button, it works on both jailbroken as well as non – jailbroken devices.

v) A box will appear asking tbsq.tongbu.com would like to install “@!#3.3.0”. Tap on Install.
Here, @!# represents Tongbu written in Chinese, and 3.3.0 is Tongbu version. You can install any version, whatever is available to your iDevice as per your iOS version.

vi) For iOS 9: Go to Settings > General > Profiles > Fuzhou Xiao Yue Trade Co. > Trust.
For iOS 8 or below: When opening the app, a message may occur asking you if you trust the app developer. Tap on Trust.

How to use it?

For iPhone users –

  • There is a slight catch in Tongbu’s iPhone version. It’s in Chinese.
  • Don’t despair yet.
  • It’s still very easy to use.
  • Refrain using Apple ID in the Tongbu app.
  • It will prompt a message to install 12-15 sponsored apps. You can easily cancel that by using the above cancel button present in the top left corner of screen.
  • No need to configure its settings, the default settings are well enough.
  • You will see a search bar in the top.
  • Search for any app, let’s say Need For Speed.
  • You will find a list of apps with icons to their right, if the icon is circle with down arrow, you can easily download and run that app.
  • These icons keep changing as new updates come for these apps. If you find an unfamiliar icon in front of an app, you may not be able to download it.
  • For iOS 9: Go to Settings > General > Profiles > ‘something ‘Co. > Trust.
    For iOS 8 or below: When opening the app, a message may occur asking you if you trust the app developer. Tap on Trust.

For iPad users –

  • Congrats! most probably you got an English version of Tongbu.
  • You don’t need any instructions, you can freely explore the app and its settings. But in case, you got a Chinese version of the app and you need instructions follow the same instructions given for iPhone above.

After downloading the app –

  • The tongbu app will ask for a permission to install the app. Tap on yes.
  • On opening the newly installed app, it will ask the same trust question which you encountered while opening Tongbu. Tap on Trust.
  • You can see Downloads by tapping the “arrow in box” button on right side of search bar.
  • The first screen shows currently downloading apps. Swipe from right to left to go to second screen.
  • The second one shows downloaded apps. Swipe from left to right to go to first screen.
  • You can tap on any downloaded app to reveal 2 options, the blue option is for installing that game, and the red option is to delete that downloaded file after installing it.

Note for Jailbroken users

Jailbroken users can also use the same way to download free Tongbu.

Screenshots Gallery

iOS 9 Screenshots

Tongbu App –

That’s all folks.

Note – In case you install Tongbu for PC, TechGlobule is by no means responsible for any damage to your device. These are my personal views. I have told you all the possible risks.
Image source – itechnoforum.altervista.org (Featured image) and Swapnil’s iPhone 4S (iOS 8.1.2) and iPhone 5 (iOS 9.0)for screenshots.
Author – Swapnil Jha


  1. Did you know that the picture 2 doesn’t make sense because the apps that has a grey thunder icon means that it will just redirect you to the app store and it will not start the download in tongbu
    Tongbu is dead since only old apps can be downloaded.

    • I know that. But Tongbu keeps getting reborn and this article is old too. Also, in the mean time you can use Kuaiyong for the same purpose. It supports downloading of new apps as well.

  2. How much time does the app take to download on a phone because it’s taking too much time on my iPhone…..like “4 HOURS”

    • Abdullah, it’s hard to tell, because on different instances, it took me as low as 2 minutes to as more as a 2 days. It is difficult to understand what factors are responsible for its sometimes ultra low speed.

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  4. Why, when i click on download in GTA, NBA or any app, it keeps going to a page where it says to connect my device to a pc, and below is an ipad, i dont know, pls help.. Your instructions are well defined..

    • The Tongbu app will try to make u install its PC version too. No need for that. Just go to ios.hipstore.mobi and install some apps for free. This site is not being maintained in the meantime, so no posts about that until next year.

  5. Was able to download a few apps through tongbu, but, when I try to access them they open the loading screen and shut down. If I put my iPad on airplane mode, I get the message that the first time I open my app it needs to register with Itunes before I can access it offline

    • Have you done trusting them? Which iOS version are you using, because that seems to be very outdated message to me. Check your iOS version, in Settings > General > About.

  6. I download tongbu and my iphone’s version is 9.3.2 but any app which i download from tongbu is not install sometimes and sometimes cannot open……

    • Try trusting them from the Settings the same way u allowed iPhone to trust the Tongbu app.

    • Tony,
      Can you be more specific with a screenshot. It’s confusing whether it is not allowing you to install Tongbu, or if Tongbu is not allowing you to install other apps.
      You can send screenshots at swapnil(at)techhglobule(dot)com.

  7. Tongbu is the best app available in market.

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