About Us


Hi Guys,

Our quest is to spread knowledge to as many people as we can. For this we have created TechGlobule.com.



We are Swapnil Jha and Abdul Rehman, and we come from a beautiful and diverse place that is, India. We have a passion for technology and to solve problems through its use.

We started this website with just us and a few other friends, for people who are afraid of doing anything unusual with their devices just because they fear damaging their devices. Our aim is to help fight this fear if not completely eradicate it, by keeping them updated with technology and to provide them solutions in a user friendly manner.

The Impact

We know we are not currently making an impact to the whole world. But that doesn’t mean we won’t in the Future. With the help of you guys, we will attain that future soon.

Risks & Challenges

Yes, making and running a successful site is full of risks and challenges, and we knew that since the beginning. We may not be able to update it on a daily basis. But we will try our best.

We hope you guys, to stay with us till the eternity.

What We Need & What You Get

  • We need to buy ourselves a few gadgets and softwares so that we can review them. Our aim is to provide unbiased feedback about the products so that others don’t have to experiment at their own expense.
  • We need some bucks to rent a new and faster server to serve you better.
  • We also need funds to expand our viewer base so that we get diverse opinions and feedback.
  • We need a few dollars to pay our bills. 🙂
  • In return we will provide you guys, with whatever query you have with the current technology or upcoming technology about almost anything, but mainly Android, Windows, Apple iOS, Ubuntu, Tizen, Mackintosh, etc. and also a piece of hardware.
  • We will give all the contributors a mention on a dedicated page on our site that will be eternally etched until the end of time (or till this website is up).

How You Can Help Us

You can help us through donations.

If you are unable to donate us, that doesn’t mean you can’t help us. We will enjoy your contribution –

  • You can mail posts for us or give us ideas for our future posts at techglobule4(at)gmail.com.
  • Like and Share us on social networks. We are everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.
  • Share and promote our Site everywhere!

That’s all folks.


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