How to Un-Brick your Device?

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Today we are discussing how to unbrick any Android device with MTK (MediaTek) chip set. We are here talking about every Android device, but I will use the word Phone for ease of writing.

What is brick?

Getting Bricked is a state when your phone does not boot up (that means it doesn’t start) and gets stuck in a boot loop due to erroneous, incomplete or corrupted system files. Your smart phone is no more smart and is as useful as a brick.

How can my smartphone get bricked?

Your smart phone can get bricked while Rooting it, or flashing a Custom ROM, or porting a Custom Recovery in it. It is a problem which can be faced by any person by accidental deletion of any important system file.
Or it can also be caused by flashing or porting any damaged file.

How can I unbrick my phone?


Bricked Android

Material Required –

  • A working PC.
  • SmartPhone Flash Tools (SP Flash Tools).
    SP Flash Tools is created by MediaTek Inc. and is a trusted software.
    The following link will download the latest version of SP Flash Tools as on date 21 May 2015.
    Download it!
  • Android USB Drivers
    These are needed to operate the Android device via your PC.
    The following link will help you download the latest version of ADB Drivers as on date 21 May 2015.
    Download it!
  • A ROM.
    A ROM will be required to flash and bring back to device to life. But remember flashing a Stock ROM (that originally came with the phone) will also help in getting your phone’s guarantee back; whereas flashing a Custom ROM (any other ROM) has a lesser chance of getting your phone unbricked and has nothing to do with its guarantee.
    You can find it on your device’s forums.

Steps to unbrick your phone –

SP Tools 1

SP Tools 1

  • Charge your smart phone to approximately 50 percent or above battery level.
  • Switch it off and remove its battery, if possible.
  • Install SP Flash Tools and Android USB Drivers. Download them from above link given in their description.
  • Extract the stock ROM/ backup ROM from .zip file. Place the extracted folder to the desktop for ease of access.
  • Open the Device manager in PC. Go to Start > Run > devmgmt.msc.
  • Connect your phone to PC through data cable.
  • In the device manager, a yellow line would have appeared after the phone got connected. MT65xx preloader.
  • Right click on it and click Update. Browse to Desktop and click Next. A red box will appear, press Continue Installation.
  • Open SP Flash tool folder and click on Flash_Tool.exe.
  • Browse to the scatter File MT65xx_Android_scatter_emmc_PMT.txt in the folder of Stock ROM, which was earlier placed on Desktop.
    SP Tools 2

    SP Tools 2

  • Make sure all the boxes are checked except USRDATA. Then press the Download button.
  • Then re – connect your mobile phone. You will notice some progress  on the CPU screen in the form of blue and red colour.
  • After a while, you’ll get a Green circle.
  • Disconnect your phone. Plug in the battery and switch it on.
  • Enjoy your New and Alive smart phone.

Important Note, in case of failure –

During this process if you get any error, then try everything again, but this time, instead of using Download button use Firmware Upgrade button. Check all the files including USRDATA. Your Rom will get flashed. For any other errors you can ask us in the comments below.

That’s all folks.

Note – Un-brick your device on your own risk. TechGlobule is by no means encouraging any smart phone user to root, brick or unbrick or any such other activity to his/her phone.
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Author – Abdul Rehman
Co – Author – Swapnil and Siddhant.