Make the World a better place with Facebook!

Hi Guys,

Today, we are discussing how to make the World a better place to live in an easy manner with the help of technology and without you ever leaving your couch.

Why should I contribute in making World a better place?

Hmmmmmm…. You are seriously asking this question? Well, you live in this World and should try to make it better for your family, loved ones, kids, siblings, or at least for yourself.

How can I make the World a better place through technology?


I’m assuming that you are familiar with Facebook  and have a Facebook Account. Facebook, not only provide services to chat, post status, and like, and comment and share but also has a hidden feature which helps make the World a better place by allowing its user to suggest some edits to places, pages, or anything else.

This means that you can simply verify if the given single statement about a specific place, news, or page etc. is true or not by personal experience. If your suggested edit is accepted, it would help a lot of other people who are searching that specific place will get updated and better results only because of You.

It is really an easy way to make the better place without much efforts. All you have to do is choose from Yes, No, or Skip for a given question.

So, next time you have some leisure period open your Facebook app or site, and find Suggested Edits in the Apps.

I’m intelligent too. Can that help?

Yes, than can help the World a lot. If you want to help the world by spreading knowledge about Technology. Your posts will be welcomed by TechGlobule. You can Write an article on any technology related topic. You can send us your articles to techglobule4(at)gmail(dot)com.

But I’m rich too.

If you rich or just want to donate to us. You can visit Indiegogo. We are currently doing a fund raising campaign and would love even your smallest donation.

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Image source – philanthropicpeople.com (Featured image), tomsguide.com (Facebook image), Swapnil’s iPhone 4S and Swapnil’s ASUS K50C (for screenshots).
Author – Swapnil Jha

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