How to Reset a device: Advanced User

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Today, we gonna discuss how to Hard Reset various devices including both Android and Apple iOS.

A quick summary of Recovery Mode

ClockWorkMod Recovery

ClockWorkMod Recovery

Recovery is a limited boot (start-up) mode, independent of your normal Android operating system. In a recovery, you can back up, restore, install packages, wipe data, and do some troubleshooting on your Android device. The set of features available depends on the specific recovery installed. Generally, stock recoveries (which come pre-installed on your device) are the most limited. They typically only allow manufacturer updates to be performed and remain mostly invisible to the end-user. Rooted Android devices can change their Recovery.

Why do I need a Hard Reset?

Hard reset can be very helpful under certain circumstances, like when we forget the password of our smartphones and are unable to open it, or when to want to sell it to someone and don’t want her/him to recover any deleted data. In these or many other circumstances, Hard Reset is the best bet. It is also helpful if you are finding some problem or a nasty bug in your device which was not there earlier.

You may be thinking about what a Soft Reset is? A soft reset is simply a restart of a device by cutting the power supply of the device; it is used in case the device stops responding and is frozen. In some devices, soft reset also deletes the user data. But remember the data deleted through soft reset is recoverable. And someone may be able to recover your files, intruding your privacy.

How to hard reset my Android Device?

I’m writing this post for all the Android devices at once, because even if the method of going to Device recovery is different for every Android device but afterwards every step in all the devices.

Steps to Hard Reset an Android Device –

PhilZ Recovery

PhilZ Recovery

  • Make sure you have made a backup of your important or personal data present in your phone memory and saved it somewhere safe like Micro SD Card or your PC.
  • Eject your micro SD Card from the phone, if any. In some devices, a hard reset may format the SD Card as well.
  • First, enter into the recovery using the appropriate method. You may find a lot of options in there.
  • Using the Volume Down button, scroll down to the option of Wipe Data / Factory Reset and press the Power button. The power button is referred to the Lock / Unlock button.
  • Select Yes–delete all user data using the Volume Down button. Confirm the option by pressing the Power button.
  • After all your user data is deleted, select the option Reboot device; by using the Volume and power buttons.
  • Congratulations, you successfully reset your Android device, as a new device.

How to hard reset  Apple iOS Device?

Steps to Hard Reset an iOS Device –

  • This method will delete all the Settings as well as user data and your device will be as such newly bought.
  • Open Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Your iDevice will reboot, it may take a longer than usual to reboot.
  • Congratulations, you successfully reset your iDevice as a new device.

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Image Source – (Clock Work Mod Recovery), (Featured image) and Siddhant’s Micromax Canvas 2 Colors (PhilZ Recovery).
Author – Swapnil Jha