Remix OS | What's that?

Hi Guys,

Today, we will talk about the Remix OS, which has been the new trend of 2016.

Firstly, What is Remix OS?

Remix OS is an Android powered desktop-like windowed environment,  to grant the benefits of the mobile OS with productive characteristics of a desktop like operating system such as a Task bar, true multi-tasking, and more. It’s currently available on hardware made by Jide, such as the Remix Mini, but is also available as a boot-able Operating system for Windows and Mac Devices (laptops, desktops etc.)

Why is it better than other Android emulators like BlueStacks?

Unlike an emulated environment which tries to copy Android in other operating systems, Remix OS truly integrates the best parts of Android with that of Windows or Mac. Some quick key features include –

  • Support for Mouse
  • Support for Keyboard
  • Support for multi window and multi tasking.
  • Task bar
    *Seriously, a task bar in an Android, our lives are complete now.*
  • Support for Right click

What are the system requirements?

The system should have an awesome owner, which our sensors tell us, you probably are, isn’t that also the reason behind, you being a reader of TechGlobule?

How much do I’ve to pay to use it?

You can’t pay for it, as it is free of any charge. You can download, install and use it for free.

How to get it?

You can download it from the link of official website, which developed Remix OS, that is Jide.com.

Screenshots Gallery

That’s all folks.

Research done by – Abdul Rehman
Idea suggested by – Siddhant Baranwal
Screenshots by – Shubham’s Laptop.
Author – Swapnil Jha


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