Google Penalties: Types and Tips on How to Recover from Them?

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Today, we will throw some light on Google Penalties, which all webmasters have encountered at least once. Hint: One can avoid getting those penalties.

Google Penalties

Google has not been playing games lately (no pun intended) and has become very strict with the quality they add to their search engines. I think we should embrace this and try to comply with the rules that have been set for us to follow. Many webmasters are worried that their sites will be penalized and believe there is no way out. But, you should not let this demotivate you at all while running a successful website.

Google Penalty

Traffic is important to any online business and that is why webmaster protect these numbers. You would be surprised how many website owners do not even realize that their websites have been penalized. If you are serious about your website traffic and for some reason are penalized, you can recover from it.

Reasons why your website might be penalized

Broken linksBroken Links


As a webmaster, you need to check that everything on your website is working correctly. Google does not like when readers click on a link that is not working. If your website has these types of links, Google will find you and penalize that site. If someone clicks on a link for programming homework, they should surely find a programming homework service website after clicking on a link that states that. Run tests and regularly check these links to avoid this type of penalty.

Duplicated Content

This is a big one for the search engines, because we are trying to constantly add new information. By repeating the same information over and over again, one can understand why this might be a problem for an already congested search engine. We are evolving as a people and therefore content writers need to come up with new and fresh work.Duplicate Content

Slow Speed


It might not seem like a problem to you as the webmaster, but slow website speed is so frustrating for the visitor. Google wants every user to have a good experience when he/she is directed to a website. There are tests that can be done to check the speed of your website. You should do this on a regular basis, or simply go online and use your website, just as a visitor would.

Try this tool, made by Google itself, to check your site for speed and other features, Speed

How to fix it?

These are just a few reasons which are mentioned above, but there are a lot more for which you could be penalized. It is important to familiarize yourself with the rules in order for you to avoid breaking them.

Precaution is better than a cure.”

Prevention is obviously better than trying to fix a problem later, but let’s say that your website has been penalized. There are steps you can take to have the penalty reconsidered by Google.

You are going to have to do an audit on your entire website. This may seem like a major task, but your website is going nowhere with that penalty attached to it. You need to fix the problem and you can only do that if you know what the problem is. If you have content on your website that are generic and thin, you need to decide if you are going to get rid of it or simply do an edit of the work that is already there. Once you find the problem, you fix it and then you ask Google to do another test on your website and reconsider their decision. It’s that simple.



Do not let Google penalties take over your thinking process when you are writing content. Yes, you need to be aware of the penalties and avoid it at all costs, but if you are doing everything right, there is no reason to panic. Continue to run your online business or blog and put your heart and soul into it. You can make a success of this and should not let something like this distract you from your goals.

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