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Long time no see, but here we are back again, to talk about an app, which we didn’t knew existed. No, I mean really, it’s a fairly new app with about 5K downloads. But yet has a lot of potential. Let’s talk about MoveIt.

What is MoveIt?

As the name states, MoveIt is a simple to use app, with a very naïve user interface which helps the user transfer media to SD Card, negating the use of a file manager app.

Where to get MoveIt?

This app is currently available on the Google Play Store, for Android Lollipop and above.

Special Notable Features

  • Internal to External or vice versa

    MoveIt Cleaner

    MoveIt Cleaner

Well that’s pretty self-explanatory, that this app will help you transfer pictures and other medias from phone’s internal memory to an external memory card.

  • Cleaner

It helps in cleaning junk files, and has a striking resemblance to CleanMaster app, but unlike that app it lacks in showing exactly which files, it is going to delete.

That is it will report 2 apk files are to be deleted leaving the user with options such as to delete or not, but not allowing the user to check which apk files are those within the app.

So, that’s a negative point for the app.

  • Easy to use UI

I will give it some points for being simple to use. A simplistic UI without too many buttons or features give it an appealing look, provided that it remains ad-free in the future as well.

  • Auto Transfer

This feature, in theory, should automatically detect new files in a specified folder and automatically move it to another specified folder on the memory card.

One can use this feature to move pictures taken from the phone’s camera to the microSD.

But there are numerous downsides to this feature as –

  1. It requires the app to be working in the background all the time, continuously consuming phone’s resources like battery and working speed (RAM).
  2. Most camera apps these days, have the setting to automatically save the pictures in the desired folder. Especially if the app only supports newer devices such as Android Lollipop and above.
  3. It doesn’t work. It didn’t work for Samsung Galaxy S4 or Moto X2. My co blogger Siddhant was pretty much disappointed by this app.

Final Verdict

My final verdict is this app is in its initial stages, and might do well in the future. MoveItApps, whatever you do with this app, don’t change the simplistic approach of its UI, that’s its biggest feature, yet. Also I like the name, reminds me of a song from Madagascar.
If you enjoyed the app, do tell us in the comments. Here is the download link again, MoveIt.
Also comment, what new features you want in the app, the App Developer will surely read your comments and may add those features in near future.

Screenshots Gallery

That’s all folks.

Author – Swapnil Jha
Hardware Provider – Siddhant Baranwal (Samasung S4 and Moto X2)
Screenshots Provider – Siddhant
Post requested by – MoveItApps (moveit.ml)


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