Getting Android 5.1.1 Lollipop on Canvas 2 Colours

Hi Guys,

Today, we will discuss how to upgrade your current Android version to Android Lollipop in Micromax Canvas 2 Colours.

Why Android Lollipop?

The reason I like Android Operating System are the increasing customizability options in the Android updates. It is also the reason I and many other users have to find some ways to get Android update when our device’s vendors are not in likely mood to do so.

Today, I am focussing light on a way to get Android 5.1.1 Lollipop in a Micromax Canvas 2 Colours. I’m showcasing this article on the request a lot of my readers who own Micromax C2C. Frankly speaking, the list of people who wanted to get Android 5.1.1 on their C2Cs included me too.

How to Update Micromax C2C to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop via CyanogenMod 12.1 Custom Firmware

CyanogenMod 12

About Custom ROM (CM 12.1)

First of all, I would like to specify that Custom ROM and Custom firmware are one of the same thing. Also I may refer Micromax Canvas 2 Colours as C2C.

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop is now available to install on Micromax C2C via the CyanogenMod 12.1, Custom ROM. This CyanogenMod 12.1 custom firmware is an unofficial release which is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and comes with various new and different features and customization tools that resemble Android Open Source Project (AOSP) ROM. But as this update/firmware has been developed by third-party developers, and not officially released by Micromax, it is still in beta and there may be quite some bugs, and it is possible that maybe a feature or 2 will not work completely.

About the Developer

The developer behind this project goes by the name moonrotation and belongs to Spain. So far they have been able to get the video, audio, WiFi, and SIM slots, camera and many other things working perfectly fine. Sadly, the USSD for some networks, GPS is not working; which means some users (not all) will go through a problem with calling or using any location-based service. As the developer has been working on the build and is fixing bugs every now and then, I wouldn’t be surprised if those broken/buggy issues have been fixed by the time you are reading this.

How to Flash the ROM

Material Required –

  • A working PC.
  • SmartPhone Flash Tools (SP Flash Tools).
    SP Flash Tools is created by MediaTek Inc. and is a trusted software.
    The following link will download the latest version of SP Flash Tools as on date 21 May 2015.
    Download it!
  • Android USB Drivers
    These are needed to operate the Android device via your PC.
    The following link will help you download the latest version of ADB Drivers as on date 21 May 2015.
    Download it!
  • A ROM.
    A ROM will be required to flash and bring back to device to life. But remember flashing a Stock ROM (that originally came with the phone) will also help in getting your phone’s guarantee back; whereas flashing a Custom ROM (any other ROM) has a lesser chance of getting your phone un-bricked and has nothing to do with its guarantee.
    You’ll need to Flash Wiko Rainbow SP Flashable ROM, download it from this link.

Follow these steps to install the ROM –

SP Tools 1

SP Flash Tools

  • Charge your smart phone to approximately 50 percent or above battery level.
  • Switch it off and remove its battery, if possible.
  • Install SP Flash Tools and Android USB Drivers. Download them from above download links.
  • Extract the Flash Wiko Rainbow SP Flashable ROM from .zip file. Place the extracted folder to the desktop for ease of access. Download link is given above.
  • Open the Device manager in PC. Go to Start > Run > devmgmt.msc.
  • Connect your phone to PC through data cable.
  • In the device manager, a yellow line would have appeared after the phone got connected. MT65xx preloader.
  • Right click on it and click Update. Browse to Desktop and click Next. A red box will appear, press Continue Installation.
  • Open SP Flash tool folder and click on Flash_Tool.exe.
  • Browse to the scatter File MT65xx_Android_scatter_emmc_PMT.txt in the folder of that ROM, which was earlier placed on Desktop.SP Tools 2
  • Make sure all the boxes are checked. Then press the Download button.
  • Then re – connect your mobile phone. You will notice some progress  on the CPU screen in the form of blue and red colour.
  • After a while, you’ll get a Green circle.
  • Disconnect your phone. Plug in the battery and switch it on.

Now follow these steps –

  • Download CyanogenMod 12.1 from the given download link.
  • Place that downloaded zip in your SD card.
  • Switch off your phone.
  • Press Power button + Volume up button + Volume Down button simultaneously to enter recovery mode.
  • Wait for the buzz (vibration) and release those buttons.
  • Then press Volume Up button, you will see an interface after that click on “install zip”.
  • Then select “choose zip from SD card ” if your downloaded zip is in internal SD or “choose zip from SD card if your downloaded zip is in external  SD.
  • Browse to your cyanogenmod-unofficial***.zip click on it then click Yes.
  • You’ll see “installing update”, wait till it completes.
  • After installation, reboot device, it may take up to 10 minutes to boot. There’s nothing to panic.
  • It will boot up with CyanogenMod 12.1, which is based on Lollipop 5.1.1.

Screenshots Gallery

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That’s all folks.

Original Thread – xda-developers.com.
Image source – xda-developers.com (Featured image) and Siddhant’s forgotten Micromax Canvas 2 Colours (Screesnshots).
Author – Siddhant Baranwal.
Editor – Abdul Rehman.
Co – Editor – Swapnil Jha.



  1. I am not able to do it as it says BROM ERROR- S_CHIP_TYPE_NOT_MATCH (3168)

      • That would be a great idea. But the site is not being updated for a stretched period of time, as all bloggers are studying for upcoming exams.

  2. You are changing you from so the ROM must be flashed using firmware upgrade while you are saying press download please correct it.

  3. My phone is Canvas-2-Colours Kitkat is this Cyanogen work in it… Please help

    • Harry, you need a Wiko base ROM for this CyanogenMod 12 . This is the basic step for CM.
      Moreover please specify your build ID.
      Wiko base ROM should be flashed using SP Flash Tools.

  4. Hey .. This is write ROM n firm CM12 is 258 MB n Kitkat Rainbow is 484 MB can I download it?

  5. Hi… Can I install it in Micromax C2C? Will Call options and GPS work?

  6. My phone is Micromax A120 4GB variant which I updated to Kitkat from Jellybean. Can I follow these steps to update to Lollipop? And my phone is showing encryption unsuccesful. Can I still update it?

    • No, you can’t start these steps before switching to Wiko base.
      As all development of your device has shifted to Wiko Rainbow (clone).

      • How should I switch to Wiko base? My phone was boot looping before and now it’s not switching on. It’s because I tried to flash using SP Flashing Tool and all.

  7. My phone is Canvas 2 A110 can I use your article for this specific purpose?

  8. I have a coupe of doubts (I’ve never rooted a phone before):
    >I flashed the Wiko Flashable Kitkat v11 but the recovery mode is the stock one only (Where I can’t choose CM 12.1 from the SD card)
    >I flashed the above ROM with a scatter file which had a different name (It was in the ROM folder of the Flashable kitkat folder).

    • Sorry for the trouble. I solved the above problem by changing the Recovery file to PhilZ Recovery but now I have another problem: I have CM 12 with Android 5.0.2

      • Glad to hear that you solved the previous problem Karthik.
        I got no clue how you landed on Android 5.0.2 instead of 5.1.1. So I can’t help you on that.
        Don’t get disappointed you’ve almost all the features you would expect in 5.1.1.

          • Got it! I downloaded a pretty old build of CM 12.1 which was still being developed. Got the new one (20151101) and repeated the process and it worked!

          • If this really is your first time with rooting a device. Then you are doing a way better job than average people out there. Keep it up Karthik.

  9. I have some issues while flashing via SP Flashing Tool. It prompts me an error saying “PTM changed, Need to download it”. So, kindly provide me the version of SP Flashing Tool and ADB drivers. And also it will be helpful if you provide me the tutorial video to update Micromax C2C to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop via CyanogenMod 12.1 Custom Firmware.
    Am waiting for your response.

    • Please specify some more details, for e.g. firmware version etc.
      Video Tutorial will be a great idea. But the site is not being updated properly, as all bloggers are busy studying.

      • Siddhant,
        Can you please tell me, what all the details you require, so that I can update.

        • Just give me the screenshot of About Phone from Settings > About Phone.
          So flash tool version
          Scatter file
          Or you can try download instead of firmware upgrade

          • Hi Siddhant,
            The details are listed below.
            > Model number : Micromax A120 (4gb)
            >Android Version : 4.4.2
            >Baseband Version : OLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V34,2014/05/15 19:54
            > Kernal Version : 3.4.67 develop@sw2-Server #1 Wed Jun 4 17:10:12 CST 2014
            >Build number : ALPS.KK1.MP1.V2.10
            >Custom build Version : S5501BP_MP_MMX_IN_06
            >SP Flashing Tool Version : V5.1436.00
            >Scatter file : MT6582_Android_scatter
            Kindly tell me how to Update Micromax C2C to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop via CyanogenMod 12.1 Custom Firmware.
            Chandan Bharadwaj

  10. Hi Guys,
    It works. Thanks a lot. But once it’s upgraded to Lollipop my battery is draining fast. Can you please suggest resolution for this.
    Am waiting for your reply. 🙂

    • If the battery problem is serious, I would suggest to roll back to previous OS.
      Otherwise, make a backup of important media files, and try reset your device. A fresh start usually rectifies such battery issues.

      • Hi Swapnil,
        I tried reset the mobile, but battery draining issue is not yet rectified.
        Can you please tell me how to roll back the OS and also please provide me the link to download official Micromax canvas 2 colours A120 (4GB) ROM.
        Waiting for your reply…

    • Yes,
      Method 1 – Root your device, use a class 4 or above, 4GB or above memory card, and use Roehsoft RAM Expander to increase your RAM. It works the same way as Ready Boost for a Windows PC. Less efficient. I suggest Method 2.
      Method 2 – Buy a new phone with more RAM. Can be as much as 200% effective.

  11. Guys please help me.
    I need help actualy am using micromax a120 and flash philz recovery but when I reboot the device the device is not starting just reboot itself after micromax then I try to get in recovery mode by pressing lock button + vol. up + vol. down it shows me no command what can I do now? Guys please help me asap

  12. My phone is Micromax A120 4GB variant which I updated to Kitkat 4.4.2 from Jellybean Through FOTA.
    Can I use these steps?
    From where I can download Wiko base ROM you mentioned above?

      • Details of my mobile are…

        Model number : Micromax A120 (4gb)
        Android Version : 4.4.2 (updated via FOTA)
        Baseband Version : MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V34,2014/05/15 19:54
        Kernel Version : 3.4.67 develop@sw2-Server #1 Thu Aug 21 17:05:43 CST 2014
        Build number : ALPS.KK1.MP1.V2.10
        Custom build Version : S5501BP_MP_MMX_IN_10

        Can i use the 2 links that you suggested to Chandan Bharadwaj on Jan 9 2016

        • Yeah Vaisakh, you can surely use that comment/link. Actually, we gave you the link of the same ROM, we gave to him.

    i have downloaded the sp tool firmware from the two links and done
    flashing successfully …
    then i downloaded cm-12.1-20160107-unofficially-rainbow.zip and
    placed on my sd card . then entered recovery mode during installing
    error occured..
    and shows
    This package is for device: rainbow; this device is s5501.
    E:Error in/sdcard/ cm-12.1-20160107-unofficially-rainbow.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborded.
    then i repeated installation with
    but the result was samesame
    What will I do now ??
    Can you give me a supporting zip file??
    With hope….

    • Open the .zip file with WinRAR.
      Search and open the updaterscript with Notepad.
      Set the RO Build Product/ID to s5501.
      And save it. The .zip file will get updated. And then repeat the process. You’re welcome.

  14. I have c2c 4GB variant I updated it via fota to kitkat 4.4.2. So I flashed it using Wiko ROM that (u) gave to Vaisak and updated to Wiko’s KitKat 4.4.2
    Then I tried to flash it using sptool and firmware during flashing it shows Sp flash tool error 8038
    [Android download] PMT is ready and layout has been changed …
    Can I upgrade my phone please give me the steps…

  15. Can this work on my max a120 C2C 4GB? and can this ROM increase the internal storage for apps.

  16. Can I flash Wiko base in MMX a120 with stock KitKat it?

  17. Hi, I have just rooted my MC2C A120, with 1GB RAM, and internal storage of approx 5GB can I go for this?

  18. Sir i have canvas 2 colors A120 8gb rom version running on stock KitKat. How can i upgrade it to wiko base KitKat?? I m confused in flashing. I have to flash whole rom like preloader, ebr1, Android, cache, or just recovery?? All boxes should be checked or only recovery?

    • Yes Amresh, just make sure that the preloader is unchecked, just in case something goes wrong.

  19. Sir my phone mmx a120 normal version software i want change to lolipop what can i do sir?

  20. Hi I am using micromax canvas 2 colours a120 (4GB), have tried upgrading my phone with S5501BP_MP_MMX_IN_06, which gives error “BROM ERROR : S_DL_READ_PT_FAIL (0x13CD1)”
    I guess it is because this flash is of (8GB) phone, my phone is died. I screwed my phone. Please help with any flash download link, which will be compatible with my phone.
    VIKRAM – do you got any solution?

  21. Hi guys I really appreciate your work – Thanks For You Efforts
    Am running into some issues while following the above steps on DEVICE – MICROMAX CANVAS 2 (A110), PC – Windows 10
    •Open the Device manager in PC. Go to Start > Run > devmgmt.msc.
    •Connect your phone to PC through data cable.
    •In the device manager, a yellow line would have appeared after the phone got connected. MT65xx preloader.
    •Right click on it and click Update. Browse to Desktop and click Next. A red box will appear, press Continue Installation
    -After following the above steps my device does not appear in Device Manager with a yellow line as mentioned, hence am not able to update.
    So I skipped the above steps and went on with the SP Flash Tool
    •Open SP Flash tool folder and click on Flash_Tool.exe.
    •Browse to the scatter File MT65xx_Android_scatter_emmc_PMT.txt in the folder of that ROM, which was earlier placed on Desktop.SP Tools 2
    •Make sure all the boxes are checked. Then press the Download button.
    •Then re – connect your mobile phone. You will notice some progress on the CPU screen in the form of blue and red colour.
    -After following the above steps I get an error message
    Chip type not match!
    Target chip type is MT6577
    load scatter chip type is MT6582
    So I skipped the above steps and went on with the CM12 installation via CWM Recovery and here the installation gets aborted.
    I really want to get CM12/13 on my Canvas 2 (A110)
    Please if you could solve the above issues and help me install CM12/13 Android L/M on my device.

    • Hello Manish, try a friend’s laptop or some other device running Windows 7 or 8, working on Win 10 might be the problem, if the problem persists, we are here for help.

      • Hi Swapnil, but will it fix the scatter mismatch problem.
        Chip type mismatch!
        Target chip type is MT6577
        load scatter chip type is MT6582
        I believe –
        Canvas 2 Colors stands for MT6582
        Canvas 2 A110 stands for MT6577

        • Give it a try,
          Everything might work out fine as the step says “Browse to the scatter File MT65xx_Android_scatter_emmc_PMT.txt in the folder of that ROM, which was earlier placed on Desktop.”
          Else, you will need to find a Rainbow SP Flashable ROM for your device separately, apart from that all steps would be same. If you can’t find the ROM on your own, contact Siddhant-kun.

    • Rocky,
      I don’t think your phone’s manufacturer are rolling out Lollipop for your device, so no you can’t update to Android Lollipop without installing a ROM.

  22. Everything is done but when I go to recovery mode and try to install update from sd card and then select the CM 12 file it says installation aborted did I need to root my phone and install custom recovery to install lollipop

  23. I have not get MT65xx preloader. after phone had got connected pc

    • You need Vcom Drivers, follow these steps.
      Download Vcom Drivers. (1MB)
      Extract them to a specified folder.
      Right click My Computer > Manage > Add Device.
      Have disk locate the drives and Select Ok.
      Then follow the procedure as given in the post.

  24. Pls help my phone is micromax canvas2 colors with veriant 4.4.4. kit kat i want to update my phone with lolipop pls suggest me how is it possible from which files.

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