Get paid apps for free in iOS9 without Jailbreak via KuaiYong

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Today, we are gonna learn how to get paid apps for free in an iOS device without jailbreak or use of PC with the help of this famous or I may say infamous app is called KuaiYong.

Why a post on Downloading Paid Apps for free?

TechGlobule by no means is supporting or will ever support Piracy. We are with all our might against Piracy.

And the only reason we are showcasing apps like KuaiYong or Tongbu is because they provide a way to users who are willing to pay for an app or game, but want to try it out beforehand, and before paying their hard-earned money. Many of the times if not all, after buying an app, it seems unworthy of the money spent.

Who is the developer?

KuaiYong means “Use Quickly” in Chinese. You can follow KuaiYong on Sina Weibo for usage updates and other news related to KuaiYong.

How does the app works?

KuaiYong acts as an alternative App Store, featuring almost all the apps on the original App Store. It (mis)uses the Developer certificates issued by Apple.

Apple issues Developer certificates to companies which want all of their employees to have a specific app. KuaiYong misuses this certificate and pretend that all its users are its employees. So you see, the apps you’ll install are genuine.

The only difference is that all the apps are free on KuaiYong.

More apps are available to download on KuaiYong as compared to Tongbu.

Will it support my device?

Yes, the app supports all iPhones and iPads, whether jail-broken or not. I have not tested it on an iPod, but I have a hunch it might work on it as well. It worked fine on iOS 7.x.x. and iOS 9.x.x. You will have to test yourself if you are using any other iOS version. Don’t worry, even if the test fails, the worst thing that can happen is that you will not be able to open the app after installing it, in such a case you can simply delete it. I personally tested it on an iPhone 5 (iOS 7.1.2, now iOS 9.0.1) and iPad 2 (iOS 8.1.4, now iOS 9.2).

How to get it?

i) Open Safari in the iOS device. This only works on Safari.

ii) Open Kuaiyong. This link will redirect you appropriately according to your device and iOS version.

iii) You will land a site in Chinese language. Tap the red button visible on the bottom of the screen.

iv) A box will appear asking dinfo.wanmeiyueyu.com would like to install “@!#!@#!@#”. Tap on Install.
Here, @!# represents KuaiYong written in Chinese.

v) For iOS 9: Go to Settings > General > Profiles > Fujian Yongda Group Co. > Trust.
For iOS 8 or below: When opening the app, a message may occur asking you if you trust the app developer. Tap on Trust.

How to use it?

Follow these steps to correctly use the KuaiYong app.

  • Unfortunately the app is in Chinese.
  • But don’t panic. It is more easier to use than it seems.
  • Refrain using Apple ID in the KuaiYong app.
  • On launching the app, a pop up might appear asking if you want to become a life-time member. Tap the left button which means Cancel. Because lifetime members have to install KuaiYong for PC, which is not only tedious but can be potentially dangerous as well.
  • No need to configure its settings, the default settings are well enough.
  • You will see a magnifying glass on the top right corner(iPad) or in middle bottom (iPhone) tap on it to reveal Search.
  • Search for any app, let’s say Need For Speed.
  • You will find a list of apps with their icons to their left (iPad) or right (iPhone). Tap the “circle with arrow inside” button to download that app.

After downloading any app –

  • You can see Downloads by tapping the “circle with arrow inside” button on top right side corner (iPad) or right of magnifying glass (iPhone).
  • The first screen shows currently downloading apps. Tap on “Downloaded” to go to second screen. See screenshots to understand how Downloaded or Downloading looks in Chinese.
  • The second one shows downloaded apps. Tap on “Downloading” to go to first screen.
  • You can tap on any downloaded app to reveal 2 options, the blue option is for installing that game, and the red option is to delete that downloaded file after installing it.
  • For iOS 9: Go to Settings > General > Profiles > ‘something’ Group Co. > Trust.
    For iOS 8 or below: When opening the app, a message may occur asking you if you trust the app developer. Tap on Trust.

Note for Jailbroken users

Jailbroken users can also use the same way to download KuaiYong.

Screenshots Gallery

iOS 9 –

iPhone or iPods –

iPads –


That’s all folks.

Note – In case you install KuaiYong for PC, TechGlobule is by no means responsible for any damage to your device. These are my personal views. I have told you all the possible risks.
Image source – viviennelsen.blogspot.in (Featured image) Swapnil’s iPad (iOS 8.4) and iPhone 5 (iOS 7.1.2, now iOS 9.0) for screenshots.
Author – Swapnil Jha


      • I can’t find the red button….
        Did the website change its appearance?
        Or is there any other way?
        (I’m using iOS 9)

    • Hello youtube I want to download kuaiyong

  1. When I open the link I don’t have no red button!
    I used it on iPad.

    • This is because of some recent update to Kuaiyong’s website.
      If your iPad is rooted, you can try downloading Kuaiyong through Cydia.
      Or you try Tongbu, it is a Kuaiyong alternative.

  2. Can I update my iPhone software or are there any risks that Apple may find this and block my phone as in jailbroken devices??

    • Dear Annie,
      You can surely update your jailbroken iPhone. But you will lose all your data.
      Install iTunes in computer and connect the iPhone. Use Restore option in iTunes to update your iPhone to the latest version, i.e. iOS 9.2.1.

    • Because of a recent change in Kuaiyong’s website, the traditional download button is no more. No one’s sure as how to download it.

    • As of current, you can’t because of some recent update to Kuaiyong’s website.
      If your iDevice is rooted, you can try downloading Kuaiyong through Cydia.
      Or else you can try Tongbu, it is a Kuaiyong alternative.

  3. Can u send me the Link and screenshot, which icon to click?

    • As of current, you can’t download Kuaiyong because of some recent update in its website.
      If your iDevice is rooted, you can try downloading Kuaiyong through Cydia.
      Or else you can try Tongbu, it is a Kuaiyong alternative.

    • Yes, the KuaiYong App supports iOS 6 to iOS9+. Check your iOS Version, by Settings > General > About > Version.

  4. Soo, I think Kuaiyong can still be downloaded, I don’t know where but could be downloaded again. There’s a 3K app when you press one of the tabs on the website. Not sure if it IS Kuaiyong or something. The Kuaiyong icon there couldn’t be downloaded so maybe, jailbreak maybe needed or they are doing something. Besides, Kuaiyong was just a project for the creators in their school.

  5. Sao k có nút download vậy add.thế làm sao tải dc nhỉ.tớ cũng tải trên iosem.us nhưng cũng không cài đặt được là thế nào nhỉ add 🙁 cmt giúp tớ với

    • Xin lỗi Dung, sau khi một bản cập nhật gần đây trong trang web Kuaiyong, nút tải về là không thể truy cập. Ngay bây giờ, bạn có thể thử tải Tongbu, nó phục vụ cùng một mục đích.
      Liên kết với Tongbu – TechGlobule.com/Tongbu/
      In case translation goes wrong, I originally wrote this.
      Sorry Dung, after a recent update in Kuaiyong website, the download button is not accessible. Right now, you can try downloading Tongbu, it serves the same purpose.
      Link to Tongbu – TechGlobule.com/Tongbu/

  6. How do i make a profile on my iPhone to download kuaiyong

    • Dear Elisabeth,
      Don’t worry, the site will soon start working, probably in a couple of weeks, profile is automated, and you (the user) is just supposed to tap on Trust button in a profile.

  7. KuaiYong is a great choice, thanks for the explanation! It does not matter that it can be used in English only. This is not a problem at all.

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